Super Easy Cheesy Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are one of the most popular appetizers around. This super easy cheesy deviled eggs recipe will make you the queen of the potluck!  This recipe is one that evolved to tempt the picky eaters in my family. Have you ever met a child who can’t be tempted by cheese? Cheddar cheese is the secret ingredient in this recipe. You’ll find it’s a nice touch, both for the flavor and the texture. … Continue reading →

Peach Coffee Cake

Summer peaches are about the best tasting fruit on the planet. Add them into a simple coffee cake and you’ve got your morning break all taken care of. This peach coffee cake recipe is simple enough to make every day.  Invite the neighbors over, put the kettle on and have yourself a morning gab session. You’ll be amazed at the gossip you learn when you feed the neighbors this peach topped and infused coffee cake.  … Continue reading →

How to Make Potato Salad Three Ways

Picnics are made for potato salad. But not everybody likes traditional potato salad. Learn how to make potato salad three ways, right here. These easy recipes will amaze your picnic goers! Traditional, Kicking, and Spiced Up are the three varieties of potato salad I made recently. Let me tell you, they were a hit. The crowd loved them and the recipes were totally #ConvenienceCooking – quick and easy. … Continue reading →