Introducing Frankly Francine

Frankly Francine SignatureWe are going to begin a new regular feature on Frankly Francine is a cooking advice column written to include practical tips delivered in a humorous, tongue in cheek manner.

Francine provides guidance to lost cooks and frustrated bakers. With her cat eye glasses and her string of pearls, Francine channels Jackie O and Phyllis Diller in her quirky responses. Apron Free Cooking had a chance to interview Francine recently.

AFC: Good Morning Francine. Could you tell our readers about this column?
FF: Good Morning. Frankly Francine is an advice column with a focus on cooking and a good dose of life advice tossed in.

AFC: Are you an expert on cooking or etiquette?
FF: I’m an expert on voicing my opinion. I have been cooking for almost 40 years. I know what good manners are. I incorporate my knowledge from experience with good sense and a bit of sarcasm to provide people with an answer that might solve their problem.

AFC: Where do you get your answers from?
FF: I come up with answers myself. I have learned in my years that most people ask questions that can be answered simply. They just get themselves confused with drama and emotion.

AFC: You think people are over concerned about drama then?
FF: Sometimes the drama takes over the situation. I try to remove some of the drama and provide a straight answer.

AFC: Some people say you are a bit of a schoolmarm.
FF: Well, perhaps that’s because I was raised by a school teacher’s daughter. Both of my grandmother’s were school teachers and there’s a lot to be said for good education and proper manners.

AFC: When a reader has a question, how can they contact you?
FF: They can send me an email at  I will respond to inquiries as quickly as I can and post the question and answer here online.

AFC: How long should they wait for a response?
FF: Honey, it depends on how busy I am. Some days I’ll be able to reply and have the answer on the site in short order. Other times, it might take me a week or more to get the best answer.

AFC: Should readers expect an email back from you?
FF: A direct personal email response will not be sent. All of my answers will be on the website. That way other people can learn from the situation.

AFC: What type of question is common from your readers?
FF:  Usually I get questions about how to adapt a recipe based on ingredients and what do to when a recipe fails.

AFC: Are you to be taken seriously?
FF: When I point my finger, look over top my glasses and shake my head, that’s when you take me seriously. The cooking tips are usually spot on so you can take them seriously. The rest is meant in good will and humor.

AFC: Thank you Francine for sitting down with us.
FF: You’re welcome, I’m looking forward to having the Frankly Francine column on


The advice column, Frankly Francine, will be published periodically on this website. If you have a question you would like Francine to answer, you may send an email to  She will post the question and answer here online. Due to the volume of questions, Francine will be unable to respond to your email directly. So check the website for your answer. 


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