Simple Saturday Night Supper

Saturday Night Calls for Simple

We spent the day antiquing and birding.

No, we didn’t find anything of extreme interest at the antique shops. Although, I was slightly tempted by the mink stole that had three complete minks linked together …. NOT. It reminded me too much of my son’s pet ferret, Peanut.  Sometimes we find a truck load of temptation at the antique stores. This trip was good for the pocketbook (read: Budget). At least we got out of the house for a bit.

We did a bit bird watching too. On our way to the antique shops, we passed a sign for the Ohio Bird Sanctuary. Since this caught our attention last summer, but we’d not had a chance to visit, we took the detour. Was it worth it! For a little bit, we felt like we were going off the beaten path into the wilds, but the road was clearly marked. We arrived a few minutes before they closed, so we did a quick hit and run. We’ll be going back. They have rescued injured birds, including song birds, owls, hawks and falcons. They have some hiking trails that run back through the woods and along some marsh lands. We’ll be bringing the dogs and taking some hikes.

By time we got home, I was a bit worn out and not up for fixing a fancy supper. Simple it was for us. I’d taken some frozen dinner rolls out to thaw before we left for the day. They were going to be the perfect supper: Pepperoni Rolls. They had been thawing in the fridge for long enough that they were ready to begin rising.

Prior to thawing and rising

I set them on the kitchen counter for about an hour to rise. Then folded some pepperoni slices into each dough ball. Sprinkled some cheese on top. Popped the whole pan into the oven and waited. Wow the yeasty scent of baking bread is enough to draw the family into the kitchen looking for snacks!

Fresh from the oven

I set the pan on the kitchen table, added a bottle of Ranch salad dressing and a bowl of pasta sauce, some plates and called it supper. I’d say it was a popular dish.

Clearly a hit!

We’ll be eating this again. Probably often! While less saucy and topping full than a pizza, the pepperoni rolls were filling and yummy. I’ve thought about adding a bit of cheese in the middle of the roll with the pepperoni. Haven’t tried it yet, but think that would put this over the top for pizza lovers!

The frozen dough products I’ve found are quite versatile. The instructions on the package are how to make dinner rolls and I’ve followed those instructions. They make a nice dinner roll. But I’m always thinking about possible new ways to use products I like and this was one inspiration. I imagine the dough would be a good start to cinnamon rolls, fruit fillings, other meat /cheese combinations and a million other recipes.

The same company also makes a bread loaf dough that is really good. Caution: If you place the dough in the oven (not turned on) to thaw, you should set a timer to remind you to bake it. I have placed the dough in the oven and forgotten it. Let’s just say, yeast has amazing rising qualities and the cartoon of a oven door being popped open by rising dough isn’t that far from accurate!

Try the pepperoni rolls. You might serve a salad or soup along with the rolls. That would be a balanced meal, nutritionally speaking. Or just serve the rolls and let the diners forage in the fridge for some veggies.

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Simple Saturday Night Supper — 2 Comments

  1. Hmmm….my idea of a simple supper=popcorn. However, I’m sure that lacks in nutrition and substance, but I have little girls with little appetites! Your roll idea sounds good…I think I would try cheese. Do you suppose some sort of vegetable concoction would taste okay??

  2. LOL @ the popcorn, Becca! Yes, that is a simple supper!! I’ve thought about putting small chunks of cheese in the rolls along with the pepperoni. As for vegetables … it’d be easy enough to use something like broccoli or cauliflower. You might be able to flatten the rolls enough so you could fold a spoonful of mixed veggies or refried beans inside. (Think more like a ravioli or hot pocket than roll). If you included shredded cheese with the veggies, you could have a nice gooey, yummy treat!

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