Give the Gift of Christmas Cookies

When you have someone on your Christmas list who is difficult to buy for, consider the option to give the gift of Christmas cookies. You don’t have to worry about having the correct size, color or style. Cookies are loved by everybody, right? Give the Gift of Christmas Cookies round up 20 recipes

I have rounded up a list of 20 Christmas cookie recipes to help you find the perfect cookie for each person on your list!

Sometimes, it’s a grandmother, distant aunt or cousin who is hard to buy for. Sometimes the challenge is having a gift for those people who deserve some recognition of their work throughout the year, but the usual gifts are too personal. Your hairdresser, the postman, the lady who works the reception desk at your doctor’s office, these are the people I’m talking about.

I’ve found that when I give the gift of Christmas cookies, I can adjust the size of the cookie plate to fit the relationship and I can spread the love of the holidays without spending a tremendous amount of money. The best part of course, is the cookie packaged inside, but how to make the gift more appealing – that has to do with how you package it up. Thank goodness for thrift, dollar stores and Hobby Lobby!

Thrift stores are a great source for old fashioned dishes and interesting glassware. I’ve found some unusual glasses for as low as fifty cents. Once I was able to buy a set of crystal goblets for a dollar. Yes, $1. Ceramics and metals are completely washable and if you need to, you can even bleach them. Baskets are easy to find at thrift stores, also. I’ve used a can of spray paint to freshen up a basket or two. Line with a new dish towel and your cookies secured in a zip top bag.

Have you checked out the dollar stores in your area? I’m amazed at the cool packaging ideas I find there! Canisters, jars, coffee mugs, and holiday themed plates are just a few of the package options. Don’t forget the tissue paper or plastic wrap.

Hobby Lobby and other craft stores have piles of holiday gift packaging materials – gift bags, boxes and plastic ware galore. You can find containers in every size here. From single servings to dinner platter large, you’ll be able to make up a plate of cookies for all your people.

Remember to wrap the baked goods in airtight wax paper or plastic wrap to keep it fresh.

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Give the Gift of Christmas Cookies Pin 20 recipe round up

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