OH Fudge!

Fudge is one of those treats that you either “can’t get enough of” or “could care less”. I’m positive there are just these two groups of fudge pepole in the world. Others may disagree or even debate that there are many sub-fudge-categories. As in, chocolate, peanut butter, etc … but that is an argument for another day.

It seems to me that when you take a plate of fudge into the office, some people are elbowing their way through the crowd to get a tiny bite of this delicious sugary creamy gooey goodness. Or, they don’t even turn to look when somebody says, “Oh! Fudge!”

I’ve never had much luck making fuge. I’ve tried a couple times. I think the first few batches failed because I’ve never owned or borrowed a candy thermometer. I’ve heard that’s pretty much a requirement type tool to have if you’re making candies. Perhaps that’s why most of the recipes you’ll find on here for candy don’t involve complicated processes.

Shirley makes the best fudge. That’s a statement you’ll hear repeated throughout my workplace every December. She does make a pretty durn good fudge. I have to admit. She makes two flavors – chocolate and peanut butter. She says the secret is to use very high quality ingredients. She is insistent on the type of sugar she uses. Maybe it’s her attention to the details that makes her fudge so yummy.

Laraina makes a super easy fudge. I love that about it! It tastes good too! This fudge is more creamy than sweet. She made a batch for me this week. Let me tell you … this recipe is perfect for those days when you want to have a cuppa tea with your friend and spend more time chatting than cooking. It’s a fail proof recipe – I’m telling you … there’s nobody more distracted than Noel and Laraina when we’re drinking tea and yakking!

So, try the recipes I’ve added for fudge and let me know how they turned out for you!

Laraina's Fudge, Noel Lizotte, 2010