Angel Parfait ~ Recipe Review from Frigidaire Recipes 1929

From the 1929 Frigidaire Recipes Cookbook.

Chapter XI Parfaits

Parfait creams are very rich and are made by combining syrup with egg whites and whipped cream. Because of their richness, small portions should be served.
Parfaits need no agitating during the freezing process. They can be frozen in paper cups or any individual Frigidaire cups. Whipped cream may be added and frozen, or added just before serving.
A hasty parfait can easily be made in Frigidaire with just plain cream. Place fresh fruit or canned fruit, small portions, in parfait glass. Add small serving of plain cream, then add seasoned whipped cream and garnish with fruit.
Fresh fruits for garnishing add not only to the delicacy, but much to the attractiveness. All fruits, fresh or canned, should be chilled in Frigidaire before combining.

I have to confess, every time I think of parfaits, I have an image of Shrek and Donkey in my head. You know, the lead characters from the movie, “Shrek”. They had a lengthy debate about the importance of layers in a person. Donkey says “Parfaits, they’ve got layers.” and “Everybody loves parfait.”

Not quite the best image to have in mind when reading recipes … but it could be worse, I suppose.

The Frigidaire Recipes book has several parfait recipes listed. I chose Angel Parfait from page 42, simply because I like the name!

Angel Parfait

1 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
1 pint cream
2 egg whites
2 teaspoons vanilla

Boil water and sugar without stirring until it spins a thread. Remove from stove, add slowly to the stiffly beaten egg whites, and continue to beat until thick. Cool, add vanilla and a few grains of salt, and combine with the cream (which has been whipped). Turn into the Frigidaire tray and allow to freeze without stirring. Eight to ten servings.

This should be served with crushed fruit. When served in parfait glasses, add whipped cream and garnish with fruit or grapes.

Now, I’m not sure about 1929, but today we consider grapes to be fruits. The last sentence of the recipe makes me smile… perhaps the writer was trying to suggest that grapes were a good choice!


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