Physically Active Kids Who Eat Breakfast Do Better in School

Frosty Orange Banana Sipper (Family Features) Breakfast is an important addition to any back-to-school plan. Recent research shows physically active kids who eat breakfast score higher on tests and have better memories. So, fuel up young minds by serving them a good breakfast and boost their brain power. Through research, it has been proven that when you feed a child’s mind with a nutrient-rich breakfast, he or she will perform better in school. A recent report by the American College of Sports Medicine, American School Health Association, GENYOUth Foundation and National Dairy Council shows that kids who eat breakfast in addition to being physically active have better memory, attention and behavior; and score higher on tests. Not only does breakfast boost brain power, it also leads to improved nutritional status. This is because kids who skip breakfast don’t typically make up for the nutrients they miss at other meals throughout the day. When it comes to building a nutrient-rich breakfast, low-fat and fat-free milk, cheese and yogurt are smart foods to include. Together, they deliver a unique package of nine essential nutrients in a variety of tasty and affordable options. By including dairy in the morning meal, families also put … Continue reading →

Back-to-School Essentials

(Family Features) Start the school year off in style with functional and fashionable school essentials. Everything from homework gear and tech supplies to music and desk accessories help students get the most out of their classes – and have some fun in the process. For more tips on getting students ready to go back to school, visit Essentials for Everyone NCredible Gear Elevate the school experience with the exclusive line of NCredible back-to-school products by Nick Cannon. Created for the youth of today who have something to say, this collection features flash drive bracelets, iPhone 5 cases, backpacks and pens – all designed to empower, enrich and excite, so students reach beyond their goals and influence the world around them. Find the full line of products by visiting Office Depot retail stores. Fashion-Forward Supplies It’s no secret that geometric shapes, floral patterns, glitter and animal prints are hot trends for students of all ages. From backpacks and pencil pouches to highlighters and notebooks, students can stock up on this year’s school essentials with the trendy collections at Office Depot retail stores. Among the many must-have items are lanyards, folders and erasers. All are available in assorted patterns, shapes and … Continue reading →

Smart Ways to Start the Day

(Family Features) Mornings can be one of the most hectic parts of the day for busy parents. While trying to get the kids dressed, fed and ready-to-go during the morning crunch, it’s easy to skimp on the little things that keep you at your best and ready for the rest of the day. Heinz Nutritionist Carla Addison shares a few easy tips to get the day started right and keep you feeling your best throughout the day – even on the busiest of mornings. Plan it Out. A good day starts with a good plan. Think about what you’ll eat not only for breakfast, but also throughout the day before hunger strikes. This way, you’re less likely to indulge and more likely to make smart choices. Also, be sure to plan healthy snacks for in between meal times. You’ll feel prepared and ready to take on the day with confidence. Variety is the Spice of Life. By incorporating a variety of foods, you can break free from the same old cold cereal routine and also get the nutrients you need for the day. Fresh fruit on top of hot oatmeal or a quick fruit smoothie make tasty, yet healthful options. … Continue reading →