Keeping Cool This Summer

This article originally published in the Galion Inquirer on  June 11, 2011. Summer is here! It seems like overnight we went from 60 degree temperatures to 90 degrees! The other day was so hot and humid; I spent most of my time searching for shade and a breeze. I found myself alternating between the hammock in the back yard, the back deck and the front porch. Determining factors were sunshine location, shade and breezes. I managed to stay as cool as possible without cranking up the air conditioning by keeping my iced tea glass full and my energy expenditure to a minimum. I think the most activity I did for the day was turn the pages in my book! It’s on days like these that I want to serve ice cream for supper and be done with it. The problem with that is the whole nutritional value and balanced diet idea. So generally we resort to salads or cold sandwiches for supper. At least that way I’ve got a better shot at getting veggies and meat into the diet plan. I’ve found two simple recipes that offer cooling refreshment for hot summer days.  These both are big hits with my … Continue reading →

Simple Saturday Night Supper

Saturday Night Calls for Simple We spent the day antiquing and birding. No, we didn’t find anything of extreme interest at the antique shops. Although, I was slightly tempted by the mink stole that had three complete minks linked together …. NOT. It reminded me too much of my son’s pet ferret, Peanut.  Sometimes we find a truck load of temptation at the antique stores. This trip was good for the pocketbook (read: Budget). At least we got out of the house for a bit. We did a bit bird watching too. On our way to the antique shops, we passed a sign for the Ohio Bird Sanctuary. Since this caught our attention last summer, but we’d not had a chance to visit, we took the detour. Was it worth it! For a little bit, we felt like we were going off the beaten path into the wilds, but the road was clearly marked. We arrived a few minutes before they closed, so we did a quick hit and run. We’ll be going back. They have rescued injured birds, including song birds, owls, hawks and falcons. They have some hiking trails that run back through the woods and along some … Continue reading →