1972 The New York Times Heritage Cook Book ~ Vintage Cookbook

The New York Times newspaper has long been held up as an authority on all things. Even in times when they were not considered authorities on a subject, the opinions expressed by this paper are taken seriously. During the 1970’s the paper undertook an adventure in discovering the cultural differences defined that American cuisine. A journalist spent quite a few meals in church basements, American Legion halls and at kitchen tables sampling and recording the recipes we call “home cooking”. 1972 The New York Times Heritage Cook Book   Hardcover, 804 pages Condition: Very Good, no dust jacket, binding tight, inscribed on inside front cover to previous owner Price: 24.00 This collection of regional recipes is nearly an encyclopedia of culinary habits in the United States. The recipes were collected by a New York Times reporter who traveled the country, eating in church basements, local diners and grandmother’s kitchens. Each recipe is considered a local tradition and captures the spirit of the area. Regions: Northeast South Midwest Mountain/Northern Plains Southwest Northwest   Recipes and instructions cover every part of a meal from appetizers, side dishes and main dishes to desserts and after dinner drinks. You’ll learn “How to Prepare a … Continue reading →

1973 The New Joys of Jello Recipes ~ Vintage Cookbook

Jell-O was a staple at family gatherings when I was a girl. We often had red Jell-O with fruit cocktail mixed in and Cool Whip on top. The fruit always sank to the bottom of the pan. We didn’t care. We always asked grandma for seconds. We considered ourselves lucky when our serving included the red cherry in the fruit cocktail. 1973 The New Joys of Jello Recipes Vintage Cook Book Copyright: 1972 Condition: Fair, slight tear on top of spine, mild wear from use, writing inside front cover Price: 6.00 Synopsis: Hardcover book with two tall glasses of gelatin and one mold on the front cover. 128 pages. Lots of full color photos throughout the book. Many photos show families enjoying the great recipes. Pages are a magazine type paper with a gloss finish.   Table of Contents Nice Easy things to do with Jello Start with Jello Family Desserts Bring on the Super Desserts Centerpiece Desserts Salads that Help Make the Meal Sociable Side Salads Salads for the Slim Life Salads for Special Events Especially for Junior Cooks Things You Never Thought Of Basic Preparation Hints Serve it in Style I have to admit. Jell-O still amazes me. … Continue reading →

1971 Someones in the Kitchen with Dinah ~ Vintage Cookbook

Dinah Shore was a leading talk show hostess during my childhood. I remember mom watching her show and trying some of the recipes demonstrated. Some were keepers for our family. Many were quite popular with other families across the country. 1971 Someones in the Kitchen with Dinah Vintage CookBook Copyright: 1971 Publisher:  Doubleday Author: Dinah Shore Hardcover, 179 pages Condition: good, dust jacket is fair with tears along the bottom due to shelf wear, binding good, no marks, no tears ISBN: 0-385-07524-9 Library of Congress:  77-154681 Price:  14.00 Synopsis: Dinah Shore was a talk television show host from the late 1960s and early 1970s. This cookbook is a collection of her personal recipes. Recipes that she’s collected from family members, friends and favorite restaurants. “No matter what their origin, all the recipes are fully described so that they can be followed with ease. This book also contains many of the most requested recipes shown on Dinah’s television program.” Contents Tips for party planning Eggs, Brunch and Breads For Openers Soups The main dish Meats Fish and Shellfish Poultry – chicken, duck and turkey Cheese, Rice, Pasta and Potatoes Vegetables Salad and Salad Dressings For Closers  Desserts and Pies   Cakes … Continue reading →