Super Easy Cheesy Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are one of the most popular appetizers around. This super easy cheesy deviled eggs recipe will make you the queen of the potluck!  This recipe is one that evolved to tempt the picky eaters in my family. Have you ever met a child who can’t be tempted by cheese? Cheddar cheese is the secret ingredient in this recipe. You’ll find it’s a nice touch, both for the flavor and the texture. … Continue reading →

Bacon Pimiento Egg Salad

Egg salad is definitely a summer time sandwich fixing! Did you know there are many ways to prepare egg salad? Did you know that you can fancy it up a bit? This recipe combines a couple of classics – Bacon & Eggs! Pimientos are included for a dash of flavor and a splash of color. It’s a simple summer sandwich, with a twist of flavor to entice your meat loving family members to eat a protein full meal. My grandma Chase made egg salad sandwiches for my sister, father and I to eat on a return trip from visiting grandma and grandpa in Vermont. Her egg salad was simple. The bread was coarse, New England brown bread.The sandwiches were wrapped in wax paper. Dill pickles were included in our picnic package. Dad loaded my sister and I into the back seat of a rented, four-seater airplane and we took off on about an 8 hour flight. Since the small plane (probably a Cessna) flew slightly faster than we would have driven in the car, the trip was going to be several hours faster by plane. However, we had to stop at a few small airports along the flight plan to … Continue reading →

Cheesy Onion Omelette

Breakfast on the weekend is an adventure at my house. During the week, breakfast consists of quick, simple and easy foods – like an English Muffin, Bowl of Oatmeal, or even just a Granola Bar. My husband usually opts for something out of the snack drawer. Hint: to satisfy after school hungry kids and husbands who snack all day, I created a Snack Drawer. I took one of the kitchen drawers and emptied all the randomness from it – you know, AA batteries, a dead flashlight, screwdriver, crayons, twist ties, odd shoe laces and a broken Christmas ornament. I washed the drawer and refilled it with a variety of snack items – Little Debbie snacks, fruit cups, packets of oatmeal, etc. Then I announced to the family that this drawer was “open season” – meaning it was available to be eaten any time of day, by anybody, until it was empty. I would refill it upon my next trip to the grocery. The “open season” invite was intended to keep them out of the fridge and from snacking on food I had plans for! This part of the plan worked! The “until it’s empty” warning was to encourage them to … Continue reading →