A Community Garden Is Planned

A community garden is being planned in Galion, Ohio. Community gardens are popping up all over the country and involve local citizens in growing produce while building a sense of teamwork and accomplishment. The Galion Resource Center was examining the potential for a Community Garden in our home town. Interest is gaining ground for this project, with attendance at the meeting bringing together several other people who are pursuing a similar project. Mike McNeill explained that the goal of a community garden begins with sharing responsibility for growing vegetables and expands into a cultural and economic program. McNeill’s plan is to obtain property in the city of Galion that will provide several types of gardening experience. He wants to involve community members and perhaps even the gardening club in a traditional vegetable garden at the site. Carrie McNeill has been growing herbs as a hobby and is excited to share her knowledge and hope to learn some new tricks. An indoor herb garden is a second project discussed during the planning meeting. A Herbs 101 class planned for Oct 12th is being offered at the Galion Resource Center. Space is still available for interested parties. Additional discussion surrounded the possibility of … Continue reading →

Cool Cooking with Red Hot Tomatoes

Tomatoes on ToastPita PerfectTomato Basil SoupSpaghetti with Marinara SauceTomato Cornbread (Family Features) Ketchup may be the first thing you think of when tomatoes are mentioned. But tomatoes are also the main ingredients in many other delicious meals. “Tomatoes are incredibly versatile, buy them when in season for the best taste and texture,” said Chef Justin Timineri, executive chef and culinary ambassador, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. “When in season, tomatoes are always on the top of my shopping list.” Find more “Cool Cooking with Red Hot Tomatoes” recipes at http://bit.ly/fltomatoes. Health Benefits – Did You Know? Florida tomatoes are a good source of lycopene (helps prevent skin damage from UV rays), vitamin C (needed for growth and repair of body tissues) and vitamin A (helps vision and bone growth). Did You Know? Botanically, the tomato is a fruit. However, they are legally considered a vegetable after a ruling in the U.S. Supreme Court. How to Buy The best test for a great tomato is aroma. Smell the stem end for a strong sweet-acidic fragrance. Choose tomatoes that are plump, shiny and give slight pressure when applied. How to Store Tomatoes should be stored at a cool room temperature, … Continue reading →

10 Great Tomato Recipes

Tomatoes are one of my favorite summer garden vegetables. I love all varieties … red, yellow, Roma, cherry, Big Boy, etc. I could continue listing the types of tomatoes! Thank goodness I have several Farmers Markets and vegetable stands locally. I’m especially thankful I have a generous neighbor who shares his garden abundance with me. Why? Because I’m a complete failure in the gardening category. I’ve tried several times over the years to grow a garden. Let’s just say the result was an exercise in frustration. Tomato Recipes Two of my favorite tomato recipes are: 1. Roasted Tomatoes & Spinach Ravioli 2. Tomato and Corn Salad. But in my wanderings about the internet, I’ve found some fabulous recipes using tomatoes. I’m sharing links to them here for your reference. 3. Oven Sundried Tomatoes from Where Women Cook 4. Shrimp with Mango Salsa from Julia’s Album 5. Crockpot Mexican Tortilla Stack from The Nurturing Cook 6. Creamy Tomato-Balsamic Soup from Pinch of Yum 7. Salami + Mozarella + Grape Tomato snack from Good Life Eats. 8.  8 Can Taco Soup from High Heels and Grills 9. Easy Feta Dip from The Girl Who Ate Everything 10. Goat Cheese and Tomato Sauce from Isabelle at Home Please don’t ask … Continue reading →