Cheery Lemon Cherry Trifle

Lemons, Lemons, Lemons. I’ve been dreaming about lemons, craving lemon foods and wondering what I can make with lemons. Why? Just because it seems to happen every spring. I start craving lemons and looking at all sorts of lemon recipes. They’re cheery, bright yellow. They’re sweet, tart and fresh. I should find one of those dwarf lemon trees to grow my own lemons in the dining room. (somebody tell my husband this is a good idea!) This recipe was inspired by a small box of lemon pudding that somehow jumped right off the shelf at the grocery and landed in my cart. I swear! I’ve made lemon meringue pies in the past. They’re challenging for me. I have a tough time getting the lemon part to set up solid without becoming too dry. I struggle to whip the egg whites high enough to make a nice meringue. And I seem to always over brown the meringue. I do better to order lemon meringue pie at a restaurant! Print Cheery Lemon Cherry Trifle Prep Time: 1 hourTotal Time: 1 hour Yield: 6 servingsServing Size: 2 cupsCalories per serving: 280Fat per serving: 2 Ingredients1 (14 oz) confetti white cake mix 1 box … Continue reading →

Valentine’s Day Planning

Valentine’s Day is sneaking up on me. I’ve been cruising along feeling like January with all the snow and cold we’ve been having, and all of a sudden – the calendar says February! And the realization that Valentine’s Day is this week hit me like one of Cupid’s arrows. I need to get busy planning for the big dinner, or there won’t be anything special for supper Friday evening. (and that’s the last day of the year my husband wants to go out to eat!) I pulled out my Guide to Planning a Romantic Dinner and started my To – Do list. This eBook is a fabulous way to plan a special evening! It takes away all the stress of what to make and how to decorate! This guide includes recipes for all the dishes you’ll need for the dinner, including dessert! Get your copy now, Click Here! I may change up the menu just slightly, though. My husband’s All-Time-Favorite dessert is Boston Creme Pie, and I’ve made it into a heart shaped cake before (see it here). Since that was such a hit, I’ll make this for dessert instead. Of course, I’m really undecided, because I found this recipe … Continue reading →

Winter Fruit Cobbler Recipe

What do you do with all those wonderful fruit baskets you received over the holidays? Sure, you eat the fruit, as much as you can. But what about when the fruit has set long enough and nobody’s eating the raw items any longer. Because every family has a point at which the fresh fruit snacking maxes out and they reach for a packaged sugar filled snack instead of the fruit. If you’re like me, you dread that moment, because the fruit is delicious, healthy and pretty. But you don’t want it to go to waste and end up in the garbage. Besides, somebody who loves us very much cared enough to send us that good fruit and we should eat it, by gosh!  The solution, turn it into a new dish, that doesn’t quite look like fresh fruit, but takes advantage of all that flavor. Print Winter Fruit Cobbler Recipe Rating: 31 Prep Time: 25 minutesCook Time: 40 minutesTotal Time: 1 hour, 5 minutes Yield: 8 servings You can use any style of refrigerated biscuits. We like the “Layer” style and the “Buttery Country” style biscuits. If you have the kind with the small bits of cheddar cheese in them, they … Continue reading →

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