Mushroom Tomato Pasta Dish

A simple, satisfying dish, this mushroom tomato pasta relies on classic flavors. The dish not only looks pretty when served, it requires just a few steps to prepare. That means you can put an elegant menu item on the table in minutes.  Marinated mushrooms combine perfectly with the flavors of bacon, onions and tomatoes. You’ll love this simple pasta dish and your guests will think you’re an amazing cook. … Continue reading →

Delicious Pasta Stuffed Peppers

Delicious pasta stuffed peppers are a hit with the family. It’s easy to see why, when the main ingredients are soft cheese covered pasta, tomato sauce and pepperoni tucked inside a garden fresh green pepper. This recipe is one of those almost too simple to be true for the big bang flavor and fun presentation. If you can master the most basic cutting and boiling water skills, you can make these pasta stuffed peppers. … Continue reading →

Slow Cooked Beef Tips

Tender slow cooked beef tips take this home made, just like take out, meal from bland to delicious! The secret is slow cooking in a sauce full of flavor that is almost good enough to eat by itself.  Using pantry ingredients, you can can make this wonderful sauce in just a few minutes, then go about your day, knowing supper is cared for in the slow cooker. … Continue reading →