Eat the Rainbow!

We all hear about the more colorful one’s diet is, the healthier one will be.  An easy way to integrate color into the meal plan is through salad!  Also, with all of the TV network shows, we have more of a propensity to have our food look as good as we expect it to taste. Who wouldn’t want to dive into this chilled entrée of Romaine Lettuce Salad Boats?  -Make it a meal by adding leftovers such as flaked salmon, cubed chicken, shredded pork/beef roast (yes, meat roasts can jazz-up a salad) or whatever else strikes your fancy! Be creative and most importantly, have fun in the kitchen because life is too short to eat terrible food! Romaine Lettuce Salad Boats Recipe Ingredients: Note: Wash/dry all vegetables 6 Separated, crisp romaine lettuce leaves 1 Green pepper, sliced lengthwise 1 Red pepper, sliced lengthwise 1 Yellow pepper, sliced lengthwise 1 Cucumber, sliced how you like 1 Carrot, julienned (Make it easy on yourself and buy them pre-julienned) Assembly Instructions: Layer ingredients in the order listed above. Take care to evenly spread the vegetables to obtain the most colorful presentation possible. Enjoy with a dressing of your choice, if you like! Other … Continue reading →

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Snappy Beans

Green Bean PoufsMini Green Bean CasseroleGreen Bean and Potato Salad with Yogurt DressingGreen Bean Stir-Fry (Family Features) Green beans are no longer a plain side dish for dinner. Here are some fun, kid-friendly recipes to try at home to help encourage your kids to eat a healthy serving of green beans. “Florida green beans are great with a dip. Try them with hummus, ranch or any of your favorite dressings,” suggested Justin Timineri, Executive Chef and Culinary Ambassador, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. You can find more delicious recipes for Florida green beans at The Power of Green Green beans are a flavorful way to eat healthy all year around. They are a good source of dietary fiber. Green beans contain vitamin C and folic acid. They are also an important source of potassium and many micronutrients. One cup of cooked, fresh green beans has only 30 calories and no fat, sodium or cholesterol. When choosing beans, look for plump, crisp beans that are reasonably well shaped. The beans should have even color with fresh blossom ends and snap readily when broken. Many people prefer smaller beans, which are usually more tender. Green Bean Poufs Ingredients 1/2 … Continue reading →

Mealtime – Easy as 1, 2, 3

Beans & Greens Salad (Family Features) The days just keep getting busier and busier. Schedules are more hectic and, too often, meals take a backseat to family chaos. Instead of opting for delivery or carry-out, build a repertoire of nutritious, delicious and quick recipes that can be prepared at home for the entire family to enjoy. A salad is a simple mealtime solution for a household on the go. This Beans & Greens Salad takes less than 15 minutes to assemble when you begin with a pantry staple, a can of READ 3 or 4 Bean Salad, and just four other ingredients. Already seasoned and ready to eat, this salad is chock-full of green beans, wax beans, kidney beans and chickpeas in a tangy, slightly sweet dressing. Toss the bean salad with mixed greens and lemony vinaigrette, then top with crumbled bacon and cheese, if desired. For additional recipes and more information about READ Salads, visit Not only is it easy to make, it’s very versatile whether served as a side salad or a light, meatless main dish. The addition of sliced cooked chicken or beef makes a heartier entree. You’ll feel good about this meal, and you’ll feel … Continue reading →