Layered Up Nacho Dip

This delicious layered up nacho dip has three, five, seven, or nine layers. It really all depends on how you put this recipe together. There’s the beauty of this recipe, you don’t have to count the layers, because nobody else will be – they’ll be too busy eating!  At least, that was my experience at the family gathering last weekend. I took this dish and everybody was saying “oh, ah” and “wow, delicious” but they didn’t try to figure out the number of layers.  You’ll be able to whip this recipe together quickly too, because it relies on #ConvenienceCooking ingredients. … Continue reading →

How to Make Potato Salad Three Ways

Picnics are made for potato salad. But not everybody likes traditional potato salad. Learn how to make potato salad three ways, right here. These easy recipes will amaze your picnic goers! Traditional, Kicking, and Spiced Up are the three varieties of potato salad I made recently. Let me tell you, they were a hit. The crowd loved them and the recipes were totally #ConvenienceCooking – quick and easy. … Continue reading →

How to Make Healing Carrot and Turmeric Soup

The healing power of carrot and turmeric soup can be found in the simple, fresh ingredients, the warmth and the deep flavor of the soup. Slightly sweet, slightly spicy, this soup will make you feel better in a flash. If you’re not feeling sick, you’ll love it just the same.  This tasty soup recipe is so simple, it practically makes itself. Which is a really good thing if you’re feeling poorly and want to rest. … Continue reading →