Grandma’s Green Bean Casserole

A spin on Grandma’s green bean casserole. Using frozen green beans gives this dish a bright green color. What side dishes will be on your Thanksgiving table? Will they be traditional recipes or new experiments? We usually end up with some of both. Thanksgiving Dinner has many tried and true traditions in my family. We always have turkey and stuffing. We always have rolls and pie. Usually we have corn pudding or green bean casserole in honor of my grandmothers. … Continue reading →

Old Fashioned Christmas Recipes

As I was searching through some archived newspapers the other day, I stumbled across two traditional recipes for an old fashioned Christmas. These recipes were printed in one of the 1938 December editions of the Galion Inquirer. I copied the recipes for my own future use, and then realized that perhaps more folks would like to have a chance to make them. The two things I appreciate about these recipes, and think you will too, is that they are made of easy to find ingredients. Check your cupboards, you probably have all of the ingredients on hand! Pop Corn Ball Recipe 5 quarts popped corn 2 c sugar 1 ½ c water ½ c white corn syrup 1/3 tsp salt 1 tsp vinegar 1 Tb vanilla Put perfect kernels in a large pan. Boil sugar, water and corn syrup without stirring until it cracks when tried in cold water (260 degrees). Add vinegar, salt and vanilla and boil to 264 degrees. Pour slowly over corn, stirring and turning with a spoon to coat each kernel evenly. Make into balls, let stand in cold place until brittle wrap in wax paper. Molasses Taffy Recipe  1 c molasses 1 c sugar ¼ … Continue reading →

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

There are some things that are just hard to pass up. A chocolate chip cookie is one of those things. I was looking through the kitchen cupboard the other afternoon, hoping to find something to snack on in there. I discovered a bag of chocolate chips. Well, you know I had to sample some of those chocolate chips right away! Then I started checking my chocolate chip cookie recipe against the contents of the cupboard. I found all the necessary items, so I was off and baking. … Continue reading →