Cooking For Two Class

Cooking for two is challenging. Learning how to adapt recipes from “full family” to “just us two” is one of the biggest problems cooks face. Dealing with left overs is the other problem. There are tactics you can use and ways to manage the Cooking for Two path. When the children are grown and fly the nest or when you leave your parent’s house for a nest of your own – cooking needs to be scaled to fit the new normal. … Continue reading →

Freezer Guidelines for Fish

Is your family into fishing? Do you catch much when you’re out with the sun, bait and warm air? While fishing isn’t my favorite past time, I do enjoy sitting in the sun and warm air, then eating a wonderful fish dinner. I usually catch my fish in the local freezer case. But, if you do catch and clean your own fish, sometimes you’ll have much more than you can eat in a week of Sundays. I know, I don’t speak from personal experience, but I have friends who fish and they promise me its a true story. Knowing how long to store fish in the freezer is important. I found this chart not long ago, that will help take the guesswork out of storing fish. My favorite types of fish are tilapia and salmon. My husband has a preference for scallops. And my daughter, princess of picky eating, loves catfish. go figure. This guide will be quite useful to us!   How often does your family eat fish / shellfish?      Printable Copy Remember! Share this post using the links below and Sign up to follow ApronFreeCooking or receive email notices using the buttons in the upper right margin.     … Continue reading →

Freezer Guidelines for Poultry

 Did you ever wonder how long you can store poultry in your freezer? Do you want to stock up on poultry when your grocer has a good sale, but are afraid to since you can’t eat all that chicken in one week? Not to worry! I’ve found the answers in my copy of the New Cook Book from Better Homes and Gardens. Freezer Guidelines for Poultry Chicken can be stored in the freezer for up to one year. Other types of poultry must be used in a shorter time frame, but you still have a six month window for most types.   Printable copy available by clicking here.        What poultry products do you stock up on?  Remember! Share this post using the links below and Sign up to follow ApronFreeCooking or receive email notices using the buttons in the upper right margin.   See what good things we have in the Apron Free Cooking Store! … Continue reading →