Cooking Classes

Apron Free Cooking Square LogoApron Free Cooking Classes are a fun & entertaining way to learn!

  • Classes are taught in small and large group settings.
  • Classes can be lecture with samples, demonstration with samples, hands on with take home recipes.
  • Classes follow a theme – Basic Cooking, Freezer Meals, Holiday Parties or Hosting a Special Meal, for example.
  • Classes are interactive. Participants share ideas and suggestions based on their experience in addition to learning the Apron Free Cooking perspective.
  • Aprons are not required for the cooking process, but are encouraged for the cuteness factor!


If you are interested in hosting a class or attending an upcoming class, please contact me.

Cooking For Two Class

Cooking for two is challenging. Learning how to adapt recipes from “full family” to “just us two” is one of the biggest problems cooks face. Dealing with left overs is the other problem. There are tactics you can use and ways to manage the Cooking for Two path. When the children are grown and fly the nest or when you leave your parent’s house for a nest of your own – cooking needs to be scaled to fit the new normal. … Continue reading →

Fix It and Forget It Freezer Meal Cooking Class – April 25, 2015

Mendy Sellman and I have teamed up with Cooper’s Mill for an upcoming freezer meal cooking class. We’re calling it “Fix It and Forget It”! Sign up now! Click Here! This class will be like previous ones we’ve offered – featuring locally and naturally raised meats from Mendy’s farm (Rus-Men Farms)  and simple recipes from the archives of Apron Free Cooking. Participants will get to prepare three meals that serve four during the class and get to take home the meals to freeze or cook (based on how hungry you are at the end of the class!)  The menu for this class includes the popular Hearty Beef Stew, Texas Style Chili and Apple BBQ Pork. The sauce for the Apple BBQ Pork will start with preserves from Cooper’s Mill.  Cooper’s Mill has a long tradition in Bucyrus, Ohio as a family owned business. They make their own apple butter and preserves in a factory right on site. (Tours are available!)         … Continue reading →

Review of More Freezer Meals Class

The class on March 7 was a tremendous success! If you weren’t there, I’m sorry that you missed out! We had all the ingredients lined up and ready for the participants:   Everybody worked diligently on their Italian Chicken.   The Bacon Wrapped Pork was a huge success! Very popular, even if it’s a bit tricky wrapping the bacon around the pork.   And Texas Style Chili … well, judge for yourself!   At the end of the class … three complete meals, ready to go into the freezer or crock pot, out the door! … Continue reading →