Favorite Recipes of America ~ Cookbook Review

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I were out scouting for books. We are confirmed bibliophiles and have to get our book fix periodically. It’s an expensive habit, even when we are hitting garage sales or thrift stores!

Anyway, while I was sitting in the far back corner of my favorite flea market, I discovered the bottom shelf bonanza! There was a whole shelf of old cookbooks! Let me tell you, by time I’d sifted through the books on the shelf, there was a bigger pile beside me on the floor than was left on the shelf.

Thank goodness my husband was having a similar experience in the basement of the store! We ended up having to back the truck up to the front door of the store to manage carrying out our finds!

At any rate … I scored three books in a series titled Favorite Recipes of America. This set is from 1968 and published by Favorite Recipes Press in Louisville, Kentucky. The books I found are “Meats”, “Salads”, and “Casseroles”.

Since bringing these books home, I’ve been paging through them and not only are they full of wonderful recipes; they’re a bit of history as well.

The format of the book is familiar. Recipes were submitted by women from across the country. Some entered contests at local or state fairs. Some recipes were featured at Favorite Recipes shows.

Other recipes come from the leading ladies of our American communities. A significant portion of the books are from Home Economics Teachers in the school systems. Another large number of the recipes are from the women who led society.

I was amazed to find recipes from wives of governors, statesmen, presidents all along side those of women who ran the Veteran’s Auxiliary and Military Officers Wive’s Clubs. It is interesting to read a slice of the daily life of these women.

The recipes tell stories about economics and shopping habits. I even learned that quite a few families were partial to wild game in addition to pork, chicken and beef.

Over the following weeks, I’ll feature some of these recipes for your entertainment and education. Perhaps we’ll find a recipe to fix for supper.


Favorite Recipes of America ~ Cookbook Review — 7 Comments

  1. My older sister and I had a set of these cookbooks when we were in high school and loved them. We especially enjoyed the desserts one…cookies, rolls, etc. I just called her today to ask if she still has the set and was sorry to hear that she no longer has it. I will be looking out for a set of these cookbooks for sure.

  2. I found a set of these cookbooks and bought them. However, they are the 1966 edition. I was very dissapointed because the 1968 edition is much better! I will keep looking. I plan to sell the set I bought.

  3. I have 4 They were given away either free or a small amount of money when you bought $50. worth of groceries I have forgotten what store maybe Krogers or Farmer Jacks I thought there was a 5th one. these are my favorite cookbooks Most cookbooks I usually find 1 to3 recipes I like but these books I have used many .

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