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Dreamer. Entrepreneur. Creative. Riley Reign is all of these things. She spreads Love and Light in her words, her art and her story.

Riley Reign Real Women Real Stories

She is a real woman and this is her real story.

Too often we hear about women in the media being portrayed in a less than flattering light. This series is designed to show the world that Real Women, Real Lives are honest, truthful, beautiful and come from all walks of life.  Success is not measured by finances, but by our stories.

The following is an interview conducted by Noel with Riley. These are Riely’s words.

What Challenge / Adversity have you overcome?

I’ve made peace with being considered naive. When I was younger I hated that I couldn’t work until I was 16 and called it ‘age discrimination’, and now I won’t get a job because my dreams and passions have grown bigger than ever. Because of my age and unwillingness to have a backup plan/cushion I have noticed many people can find me naive (including some my age).

I have really accepted this. In a way it is now my biggest asset, because I have realized that the ‘low’ expectation of others allows me more room to impress people and kind of make them eat their words.

Tell Me about your Success – What is your Story?

First, a little background, I believe success, worth, and positivity/happiness are something we have the power to choose for ourselves. I could’ve had a past business endeavor flop completely and view it as a success because of the perspective I choose, I learned from my mistake(s) and I consider that a success. Every moment of failure, darkness, confusion, etc. is an opportunity to grow, learn, expand, and find light.

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My story so far is kind of short, but I also have only lived 1/4 of my life so far, and while the story may be shorter, it’s no less large than anyone else’s. I am 18 yrs old, and have decided I will not get a job, because my dreams and passions are more than reachable and doable. Not because I am entitled or because I feel that a 9-5 is below me, but because I would rather not waste my time.

I will hustle and build my desired life instead. That is a big part of my mission, is showing that it’s not just a dream, it can totally be a reality. So I am living that.

Riley Reign Real Women Real Stories

I am currently a Writer and blogger at and I am working on becoming a published author. I plan to take my Gentle Reminder series on my blog and compile it into a book this year. I am in the process of making my blog my business, and I dabble in the arts every now and again (I draw + paint) – I sell my art here:

What steps did you take to accomplish your goal?

I am a big goals person, and my vision board is my best friend if I’m being honest. I also am a huge believer in manifesting (the law of attraction) as well. I meditate, write out gratitude statements, and surround my goals with abundant supportive energy. I attract the outcome of the highest good.

Then I hustle my ass off and fine tune details as I go. If something isn’t working I trust that it was not meant to be at the time and I release what is stagnant and move on to what is freshly inspired. That goes for any goal big/small/new/old/etc.

This year’s goal is to reach 50,000 monthly pageviews on my blog by December 31st 11:59 p.m. Mountain Standard Time (intentions grow when shared is another philosophy I am a believer of). I’m using all the tools & rituals I spoke about above to achieve that.

Riley Reign Real Women Real Stories

What road blocks did you work through?

I’ll admit, because I am younger I haven’t hit many huge roadblocks, and due to my upbringing (my parents are personal development mentors, as is my grandfather) I have instilled within me the awareness and guidance of how to move through any issues that come up.

In my observations for my writing I have noticed that what holds people back more than the road block itself is people clinging to and claiming the ‘I have a block’ mindset.“I have this block and it’s causing me all these issues and it’s so painful and annoying and hard to deal with” is what so many focus on.

Rather than, “I have this road block and I’m so grateful it’s here to teach me, I’m so grateful that I am aware of it now, and I move through the lesson with as much ease + grace possible.” I wrote a Gentle Reminder titled ‘Let It Move Through You’ on that exact topic that is up on the blog. You can read it here.

Riley Reign Real Women Real Stories

Who were your supporters, cheerleaders, mentors, and what did they do to uplift you?

My parents and grandparents are (and have always been) my biggest supporters and inspirers. What they do to be the amazing supporters, cheerleaders, and mentors they are …It is as simple as allowing me to do my thing.

For any parents reading this with a kid with big dreams be it entrepreneurship or being the youngest to be accepted by NASA, I cannot stress this to you enough and please read the following words wholeheartedly and openheartedly – Give them the space to explore themselves, their passions, their big dreams. Hold the space for them to be the absolute best they can be within every ‘phase’, and even more so when they find themselves.

Especially when you think what they want to do is borderline crazy. ‘It’s never been done before’, ‘It’s not realistic’, and ‘There’s no way you can do that’ should never come out of your mouth.

My family supports me and the path I have chosen and they hold space for me to succeed along the way.

Riley Reign Real Women Real Stories

Who were your detractors, nay-sayers, negative influences and how did you prove them wrong?

Small/Close Minded people of all kinds, and they may not know any better, so no hard feelings at all. There is no need to convert the unconvert-able, and their opinions have no power over me.

So long as I feel the way I want to feel and am doing what I want to do I am golden. I send those people love though, along with positive vibes that they find their bliss and pursue it wholeheartedly. May they become too busy being happy doing their thing to criticize anyone else out there who is doing their thing

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What lessons did you learn?

  • Be authentic.
  • Unforgivingly.
  • Wholeheartedly.
  • Presently.
  • Own your power, your voice, your essence.
  • Perfect and imperfect, light and dark, totally terrified of exploration and what the outcome may be and totally excited to explore and see what comes of it.
  • Not everyone will love you, be okay with that, you don’t need everyone to like you.
  • Spend time with yourself, get to know your soul and find yourself.
  • Get lost every once in a while and remind yourself of who + what you are.

What advice would you share based on your experience?

See above. 😉

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This story of a real woman is part of a series titled Real Women, Real Lives, Real Stories. The goal of the series is to celebrate the successes of women who are living life in the real world.

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