Campfire Chai from Concentrate

Warm, spicy, comforting chai. What can be better to drink while you’re sitting beside the campfire waiting for the rest of the group to wake up and make breakfast? This chai recipe is super easy to make and even easier to take with you on the next camping trip.  Campfire Chai from

With only five ingredients, anybody can mix up this concentrate. Take a small jar with you and add to your favorite black tea or even coffee. Camping never seemed so glamorous.

This recipe is from The New Camp Cookbook, just released last month. If you are a camping family, or know a camper, then you need this book.

Written by Linda Ly, who writes the blog, Garden Betty, this cookbook is a camper’s handbook for gourmet meals. Moving far from the realm of the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and granola bars that I am used to packing for camp trips, this book has me reconsidering my camp cooking.

Honestly, you’d think since I take a French Press for coffee making while camping, I’d be a bit more adventurous in the meals category. Not really.

But not anymore!

 Campfire Chai from

Since my husband doesn’t care much about food, as long as it’s edible and he’s filled up, camp cooking has always been more about my needs. And I didn’t want to pack in a ton of equipment, gear and ingredients. Thank goodness Linda Ly includes instructions on how to prep, pack and prepare food for the trip to the campsite.

It’s not as much work as I thought it would be.

The recipes Linda Ly shares throughout the book are fairly simple to assemble and draw their gourmet quality from the ingredient list and presentation. Not from fussy and complicated cooking methods. 
The New Camp Cookbook

Book details:

ISBN: 978-0-7603-5201-4

Author: Linda Ly

Photographer: Will Taylor

Publisher: Quarto Publishing Group USA Inc

You can purchase a copy of this cookbook on Amazon, Barnes &Noble and other retailers.

I received my copy in exchange for this review, and let me tell you, I’m thinking about buying several copies to give as gifts to friends who camp.

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Campfire Chai Recipe


  • Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • Ground Cardamom
  • Ground Ginger
  • Ground Cinnamon
  • Ground Cloves


  1. Mix all ingredients together.
  2. Store in airtight container.
  3. Add to your favorite hot tea.

For exact portions and complete recipe, see page 202 of The New Camp Cookbook. I can’t give away all the secrets!

 Campfire Chai from

I mixed up some of this concentrate this afternoon and had a couple of cups. Delicious! You can see all the bits of spice floating in the concentrate …you know that’s going to be yummy.

The sweetened condensed milk added enough sweetness that I didn’t need any other added to my cup of tea – so no extra sugar, honey, etc. The campfire chai was the perfect drink to sip while I sat on my deck reading. I can imagine how wonderful it would be on a crisp morning at the campsite.

I spent a couple hours leafing through the pages of the book and marking recipes to test out. Stay tuned for more recipe reviews.

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 Campfire Chai from

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Campfire Chai from Concentrate — 17 Comments

  1. This does sound like a great way to spice up a meal around the campfire. I haven’t been camping since I was a child, but I love to sit around a fire on a chilly morning.

    • “camp” in front of your fire place or on your deck … there’s no need to venture out to have this chai! I love having a jar of this concentrate on hand.

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