Apron Free Cooking ~ Lunch Box Sandwich

Syndicated Column from the week of August 19, 2012. This article originally published in the Galion Inquirer on  August 22, 2012. It’s back to school time again! Where did the summer get to? How many times have you thought that in the last week? I’m feeling a little left out of the back to school craziness since my kids are finished with the process. My daughter’s taking college classes, but that excuses me from all the last minute paper and pencil purchases. I think I’m okay with that. Although when my husband and I walked into Walmart last weekend, I almost succumbed to the urge to grab notebooks, glue, pens, highlighter and book covers. Then I had a flash back to the pile of office and school supplies that I’ve sorted out of various drawers in the last month. How many dried up highlighters and dead batteries does a family need? How many half used spiral bound notebooks qualify a family for Scrap Paper Note Takers Anonymous? How many boxes of crayon bits does a family with no elementary school children want to collect? I’m sure some of you had the same experience I did last week. I was on … Continue reading →