How to Make Potato Salad Three Ways

Picnics are made for potato salad. But not everybody likes traditional potato salad. Learn how to make potato salad three ways, right here. These easy recipes will amaze your picnic goers! Traditional, Kicking, and Spiced Up are the three varieties of potato salad I made recently. Let me tell you, they were a hit. The crowd loved them and the recipes were totally #ConvenienceCooking – quick and easy. … Continue reading →

Slow Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Spices, onions and sweet potatoes make up this savory dish. Not my grandma’s sweet potatoes! These appeal to the *zing* taste buds! My grandma and my mother always made sweet potatoes as a “sweet” side dish. It’s really almost like a dessert when you follow their recipe. Lots of brown sugar and marshmallows. I’m sure you’ve had a similar dish. I tested this recipe as an alternative to the sweetness overload, because my husband has said for years that he “doesn’t like sweet potatoes.” He’s adamant about that fact. … Continue reading →

Apron Free Cooking ~ Candied Sweet Potatoes

Syndicated column from week of November 19, 2012. Thanksgiving dinner means turkey and a whole lot of side dishes for most people. I’ve heard of some families who don’t care for turkey, so they substitute a large pan of lasagna for dinner. Not my family. You can count that the traditional Betty Crocker, June Cleaver, Martha Stewart type menu of dishes will be on the table! One dish that we’ve had over the years is Candied Sweet Potatoes. I’ll bet you’ve had it too. I haven’t done an intensive study of the history of this particular dish. But it apparently worked its way from the deep south up to the northern Midwest sometime in the 1950s or 1960s. At least, that seems to be when my family discovered it. My maternal grandmother was a firm believer in using canned and boxed convenience foods that arrived on grocery store shelves after World War II. For Thanksgiving dinner, she had one or two of those giant cans of sweet potatoes on her grocery list. My mother carried this dish into her household and I grew up with Candied Sweet Potatoes on the menu. Candied Sweet Potatoes 1 large can Sweet Potatoes in … Continue reading →